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Paninis and more

If you want a panini, you can find one at Demitasse Café. With 30 Paninis to choose from there is something for everyones taste.  Bite into a panini and enjoy the freshly grilled taste.


Benefit from the vegetarian options that are available. We have lots of vegetarian menu items .  

Demitasse also offers wheat Panini bread apon request.

     • Paninis

     • Salads

     • Soups

     • Starters

     • Pastas

Meal choices

Fresh salads and other choices

Dine on a meal of fresh cut romanie lettue, topped with your favorite salad options inluding meats, vegetables, Louisiana seafoods & more . Enjoy the variety of salad choices with more than ten


kinds of dressing, with fat free options available.

With so many menu choices we have something for everyone!!

So grab your family and friends and meet up at Demitasse Cafe.

Dining variety

Freshly grilled paninis with chicken, shrimp, vegetables, and more! Enjoy our large selection of panini specials.

Get soups, salads, and so much more.

Dine with family and friends at an affordable price. Call now and order your favorite.

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